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Our Anchor Values Is
What Defines Us

ISK Core Values: CLIPPER

Our Core Values  are skills, beliefs, and attributes that ISK believe are fundamental to being fully capable adults who can adapt to the ever-changing world around them. Our Core Values also represent how students approach their own learning and personal growth, as well as how they relate classroom knowledge to the broader world around them.
1: Caring
Demonstrates a caring attitude towards their daily school activities, their interactions with students, parents and teachers as well as for the school environment

2: Leadership
Models leadership through their actions both in and out of the classroom

3: Initiative
Takes the initiative to develop, create and promote learning experiences. Ensures that the various aspects of school life are done to the best of their ability.

4: Passion
Demonstrates a passion for learning, for celebrating achievements and for instilling the ISK core values both in and out of the classroom.

5: Positive
Displays and demonstrates a positive attitude towards learning and the study environment through their actions both in and out of the classroom

6: Effective
Strives to maximize all learning opportunities and outcomes through the effective use of resources and time, as well as their planning, preparation and behavior

7: Respect
Actively demonstrates behavior that emulates respect for the students, teachers, the school, and the environment.​
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