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Our Campus


Smartboard equipped classrooms


Three fully equipped science labs


The International School of Kuantan (ISK) offers a range of state-of-the-art facilities to support and enhance the learning experience for students. Here is a summary of the facilities:

  1. Computer Labs: Equipped with modern computers and software for computer-based learning.

  2. Classrooms: Well-designed and equipped with teaching aids and technology for interactive lessons.

  3. Cafeteria: Provides nutritious meals and snacks for students during the school day.

  4. Art Studio: A creative space with art supplies for students to explore and express their creativity.

  5. Music Room: Dedicated space with musical instruments for students to develop their musical talents.

  6. Science Labs: Well-equipped labs for hands-on learning and experiments in biology, chemistry, and physics.

  7. Outdoor Sports Arena: Playground, fields, and courts for various sports activities, promoting physical fitness and teamwork.

  8. Library: Offers a wide range of books and digital resources for research, reading, and independent learning.

  9. Multipurpose Hall: A versatile space for school events, assemblies, performances, and gatherings.

Other facilities

The school also provides a counselling room, sickbay, cafeteria and convenience store. In addition, a park with a jogging track and a lake is located just across from our campus where students under the supervision of teachers may partake in various recreational or beyond-classroom learning activities.

These facilities at ISK are designed to create a conducive and enriching learning environment, catering to the diverse needs and interests of the students.

Fully equipped IT Labs

Music room with acoustic treatment


Outdoor sports arena with an all-in-one futsal, volleyball, netball, and tennis court


Stage and audio-visual equipment in the multi-purpose hall


Personal locker for each student

Spacious art room for students to express their creativity

Fully equipped library and study hall for students to study in peace


The air-conditioned multipurpose hall is equipped with three badminton courts, a basketball court, a stage, audio-visual equipment, and dressing rooms with shower.

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