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Wholistic Middle School Education

Middle School

International School of Kuantan provides a comprehensive American-style education that not only serves to prepare students for university but encourages them to be independent and life-long learners. Students are also immersed in a rich program of arts and athletics designed to provide students with a well-rounded middle school experience. All programs and curricula are online and Middle School students use a device in all subject.

The middle school program requires students to spend three full years of study before being promoted to the high school program. Our Middle School Program includes instruction in the following subjects:




Physical Education

Bahasa Malaysia

Performing Art

Visual Art

Islamic Studies / Civic

*Foreign Language (Subjected to availability)

Social Studies

Holistic Education

An integrated curriculum allows students to pursue learning in a holistic way, without the restrictions often imposed by subject boundaries. It recognizes that the curriculum includes reading, writing, listening, speaking, literature, drama, social studies, math, science, health, physical education, music, and visual arts. 

Investigative Learning

The curriculum also incorporates investigative processes and technology. It emphasizes the importance of maintaining partnerships with families; having knowledge of students and how they learn; and building upon the community and cultural context. Integrated teaching and learning processes enable students to acquire and use basic skills in all the content areas and to develop positive attitudes for continued successful learning throughout Middle School.

Integrated Program

Integration acknowledges and builds on the relationships which exist among all things. An integrated curriculum implies learning that is synthesized across traditional subject areas and learning experiences that are designed to be mutually reinforcing. This approach develops the child’s ability to transfer their learning to other settings. Projects and themes are valuable instructional tools for accommodating all learners in the classroom. Skills are taught as needed to accomplish projects.

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