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Learning in ISK goes beyond accumulation of academic credits and that which is offered in classrooms and textbooks. Student are provided with a wealth of different activities and alternative resources and opportunities for learning. We not only endeavor to prepare students for university or college but to encourage them to be independent and life-long learners.

We look to provide a balance in our student's live while at ISK, where academic study and performance is emphasized, but the students are also provided with a rich program of arts, sports and athletics and various extracurricular activities.

Student Life is made up of a variety of different activities including:

  1. After-School Activities
  2. Sports and athletics
  3. Field Trips
  4. Students Council
  5. Art Program

We also provide services to let students focus on acquiring knowledge without having to think of daily necessities while they are at school and to facilitate learning beyond the classroom or school.

To know more, please explore the different extracurricular activities that are offered in ISK


Established in 1996, The International School of Kuantan (ISK) is a private international school and is the only international school in Kuantan that provides quality education to elementary, middle and high school students based on the curriculum and practices of public and private schools in the United States of America. English is used as the medium of instruction to prepare students for admission to university. Graduates of ISK's have been accepted to prestigious colleges and universities around the world.