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How To Register For Google Adwords Account

1. Click on "Start Now" or "Sign Up Now" Button on the page

2. Next page, select the standard edition and click continue

3. Next, choose your language, and choose "countries and territories". Click continue

4. On this next page, check if Google has automatically add your country into the selected countries and territories text area. If yes, click on the country and click remove. Instead, we gonna add "All countries and territories", click Continue buy adwords account

5. On this page, you will need to create a dummy ad. This is what I do:

Headline: My Dummy Ad

Description Line 1: Just a sample of my dummy ad

Description Line 2: Yes, my first ads

6. This step is the most important part. You will need to create a list of keywords that will determine when your ads will appear. If you are promoting nokia 6600 charger, then create a list of all possible query string that a person will search on when they are looking for a nokia 6600 charger. For example:

nokia 6600 charger

"nokia 6600 charger"

[nokia 6600 charger]

cheap nokia 6600 charger



I am going to explain what keyword, "keyword", [keyword] and the - sign mean.

buy adwords account

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